I am a registered nurse in my home country and have 1.5 years’ experience, am I eligible for UK nurse registration?

Yes you are eligible. You need to have a minimum of 1 years’ experience post qualifying.


I am presenting for my IELTS test, do I have to gain 7 in all sections in one sitting?

You can gain the minimum standard over 2 sittings, which I a major help (see example in section criteria for eligibility).


What happens when I arrive?

You will be met on arrival and taken to your accommodation. When settled in the employer will have a professional adaptation programme set up, which help you adjust to the UK and helps with preparing for the OSCE test.


I have a spouse and children, can I bring them with me?

The visa you will be on, allows you to apply for spouse and dependent children (under 18). However, we would strongly advise to concentrate on passing the OSCE test and becoming registered, before applying for dependents.


Can I study part time, like UK nurses?

Yes you can, it is common for UK nurses to study part time whilst working part time. The programme supports and encourages you to study part time and provides financial support to do this. You would not study until after you have passed the OSCE, as need to concentrate on OSCE preparation first. The programme via the employer will fund the study fees, which would be re claimable in small manageable instalments. The programme wants to further develop the long-term careers of all overseas nurses and the programme not only provides 3 years employment, also assists in training and educational development.

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